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The Challenger Memorial by Isamu Noguchi

space shuttle challenger memorial miami
Today, 28 years ago I was sitting in my Elementary classroom wondering why the teacher had asked us to stand for a moment of silence on a random part of the day. Being a recently arrived immigrant, without any knowledge of this foreign language, I was left in suspense. Finally the teacher wheeled in a TV and showed the class the recorded newscast of the recent events. Some teachers cried and some took the part of consoling their peers. Sharing this intimate moment with my new found classmate, was for me, the first time I finally felt, American. The tragedy of the Space Shuttle Challenger had unfolded.

This enormous sculpture of what resembles the image of DNA structure is a popular one, specially on the social media app Instagram. Hundreds of iphoneographers have capture this sculpture in endless angles to make it an Instagram Miami must. But did you know that this spiraling art is a memorial for the Space Shuttle Challenger which exploded over the Florida skies on January 28, 1986? The sculptures spiraling design is similar to the space shuttle’s rotating trajectory as it ascended towards the sky. The memorial was designed by famous Japanese artists Isamu Naguchi and soars 100 feet into the air in Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park.

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More about the Challenger Memorial

The Challenger Memorial, sculpture by Isamu Noguchi, is located on Southwest corner of Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, Florida. The memorial is white, composed of metal piping, and rises 100 feet, designed with a twisted shaped to symbolize the contrail of the Challenger as it rose on its fateful, final flight.

The triangle shaped plaque at the base, made of concrete, has the following engraved:

Open Petals
Soar the Space Path,
Flesh Spirits, Heroes
McAuliffe Onizuka Jarvis
McNair Smith Resnik Scobee

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