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Olloclip iPhone Lens Review by Art of Miami

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Picture credit: Harold Rosario from Art of

As promised, here is our review for the Olloclip, an external iPhone lense that helps capture a variety of pictures including wide-angled and micro. Best Buy has a 15 days no questions asked return policy. So I took advantage of it and tried out the Olloclip lense throughout the week.

First I went for a nice stroll to Florida International University and then Downtown Miami with camera and Olloclip at hand. By the way, if you have not been to downtown in a while I highly recommend you do. It has really become a scenic destination for tourists and locals. Specially,  the short but delightful riverwalk.

At first, the Olloclip seemed limited. It did provide wide angled views but with a distorted “fisheye” effects. Also, the micro lense, although good, seemed impractical. When will I ever really need it? However, as I continued my tour along Miami’s riverwalk, I found myself getting attached to the little Olloclip. More and more taking it out and using it to frame my shot. Eventually I left it on. At the end, all I wanted to know is whether it was worth the price. I made a pro’s and con’s comparison below to help make my decision.


It is fun too use

Macro Lens is great

Wide angle lense reduces depth of field if needed. For example, to create a forced perspective effect.



At $70 its about $20 over priced ( might be a solution)

Micro lens is good but when will you ever use that?

One can use that money and put it towards a real camera

With the Iphone changing dimensions every year, one would have to buy another Olloclip every time. I have only found an adapter for the Olloclip to attach to the iPod.

There are my pro’s and cons which are very clear. I will let you all compare them for yourselves and determine if the Olloclip is for you.



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