You might be surprised at how many of Miami’s iconic buildings are a creation of Miami-based architecture firm Arquitectonica. If not by quantity but definitely by quality, Arquitectonica reigns as the number one contributor to Miami’s distinct cityscape. Some of Miami most recognizable landmarks from the American Airlines Arena, to 500 Brickell Building and to the beloved Viceroy Hotel are some of the prime examples of the influence this firm has had in our city. The recently proposed Observation Tower in Bayside Miami is the Arquiteconica stamp. Below is quick glance at Arquitectonica’s signature pieces in the city of Miami and elsewhere.

Arquitectonica is an architecture, interior design and planning firm that began in Miami in 1977 as an experimental studio. Led by Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Laurinda Spear, the studio has evolved into a worldwide practice, combining the creative spirit of the principals with the efficiency of delivery and reliability of a major architectural firm.

Today Arquitectonica has a practice across the United States directed from regional offices in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Arquitectonica’s international practice is supported by a European regional office in Paris; Asian regional offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Manila; the Middle East regional office in Dubai; and Latin American regional offices in Lima and São Paulo.

Since its founding in 1977, Arquitectonica has won numerous American Institute of Architects and Progressive Architecture Design Awards. The firm has been named the AIA Florida Firm of the Year, and in testimony to the longevity of the firm’s work, Arquitectonica won the AIA Test of Time Award for the Banco de Credito Headquarters, The Atlantis condominium and the Pink House. Arquitectonica has won more than 200 total awards for its iconic designs. The firm’s work has been featured in more than 5,000 national and international publications such as Time, Newsweek, Life, Fortune and Business Week, as well as numerous professional journals such as Architectural Record, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Design, Domus, Global Architecture, L’Architecture D’aujourd’hui, Abitare and Häuser.

Arquitectonica’s work spans several continents, from projects such as schools and universities, resorts and casinos, hotels, luxury condominium towers, retail centers and office buildings to specialized projects such as a U.S. Embassy, opera house/symphony halls, museums, courthouses, multipurpose arenas and convention centers, airports and transportation centers, television studios and several bank headquarters.

pics courtesy of Arquitectonica

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