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Pulse Art Fair 2013 More Entertaining than Art Basel

paper sculptures whirl pool jen stark

While at Art Basel Miami, I could not help over hearing two elderly couples talking about Pulse Art Fair. First, one, the husband, complained to the wife “Its in no man’s land.” “Oh my, in the middle of no where,” she agreed. “But the art work was more entertaining” she then added. We went to Pulse Art Fair today and gather a handful of pictures and they prove she was right. It has always been our philosophy that the best art is that which no prior knowledge is required. For example, yesterday while at Art Basel, a child exclaimed to his mother “Wow mom look at that!” He was amazed at Do Ho Suh’s 3-d x-ray sculpture of a stove. Visual Art should be such that a child can decipher. Art that makes viewers take a double look, to confirm or examine, in our opinion, is what appeals to the masses. And that is why we recommend Pulse Art Fair. Pulse Art Fair has a mix of international and domestic contemporary artists on exhibition. Many of whom are also exhibiting at Art Basel, such as Chuck Close. It’s atmosphere also deserves praise. It is casual, yet sophisticated. And these stands from sleepyhammock.co.uk with complementary hammocks for visitors to rest upon is a awesome touch we had to mention. Most of all, we recommend Pulse Art Fair for the spectacular and inspiring art.

Highlight of the show was the work of Jen Stark‘s paper sculptures. We had announced her exhibit in advanced and were glad to attend. As her work is even more inspiring in person. Also the wire sculptures of Chinese artist Shi Jindian.  Super realistic portraits by Yigal Ozeri. Alex Gross and his larger than life saturated paintings at Jonathan Levine Gallery.

Enjoy our photo recap of Pulse Art Fair 2013 and compare it to our Art Basel recap to see if you agree.








Alex Gross oil on painting (to the right) Yigal Ozeri oil on canvas

Shi Jindian’s wire sculpture

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