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Dwayne Wade Boosts Wynwood Mural “Make Your Own Way”

make your own wayThis year D-Wade has been promoting his “Way of Wade “campaign heavily. We think that is why D-Wade decide to contribute to Art Basel Week with a “Make Your Own Way” mural in Wynwood. So much so, he went on to repost it on his Instagram page. The post blew up. Receiving 50,000 plus likes and hundreds of comments. Unfortunately he had not given credit to the UK artist Insa (@insa_gram)  the creator on the post, so we at ArtofMiami helped out with that, posting a comment to clarify. Either way, it brought us pride to see Dwayne Wade share local art with his millions of followers and help boost awareness of the Wynwood Art District in Miami.

info: artist Insaland

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