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Artists Transform Barrels Into an Art Collection for 2013

herradura art

Herradura Tequila Shows Support For Miami Art Scene @ Barrel Collection 2013

Herradura Tequila came through this week by supporting the local art scene. And in no way was this show of support given through pity, it was earned by two of Miami’s artists. Kiki Valdes and Ruben Ubiera both represented the 305 with a design for Herradura Tequila’s Art Challenge. Simply put, artist from east and west coast competed to transform a Herradura Tequila barrel into the most creative work of art. Miami Artist Kiki Valdes’ piece was a awarded a $10,000 award. Another noteworthy piece was that of South Florida artist Ruben Ubiera who exploded the barrel into collage of regional folklore. Congrats to both and to Herradura Tequila for sponsoring this event.

pic via: Herradura Tequila FB

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