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10 South Florida Instagrammers You Must Follow Now

This post is inspired by the amazing photography of the following Instagrammers. Wether professional or novice, they all possess a quality in their pictures that inspires, motivates and documents Miami through their own unique perspective. On a personal note, through the Instagram media,these ‘gramers have motivated me to push my artistic potential. Make sure to support by following them. Easiest way is going to our Instagram account @artofmiami and find them on our “following” section.

1. Santlov: Who can dispute his reign at #1 with 400k followers and his creative Toys r Like Us campaign. @santlov is an easy pick as #1

2. @newteam or @brianladder: could not make up my mind so first @newteam is one of the best out there. His pictures will make yourself ask “Is that real?”

@brianladder: genius pics and epic editing @brian ladder tied at #2

3.@ole_nessie explores all that is Architecture in the South Florida scene4. @shaneinthemia: in tune with Miami culture, this Pennsylvania native shows us his perspective of the MIA through his lense.

5. @otbmiami: edgy and hood and so good6. @thefashionpoet: needing inspiration on how to capture fashion or just a tip on what to wear? This is the feed. 7. @hi_tola: A hidden gem waiting to blow up

8. @mad19: West Kendall in the house. Composition champ.9. @vanessaborge: Oh come on, it’s Vanessa Borge! She is talented, friendly and cute. Need I say more?

10. @the305: Wish I knew the word for “Local Patriotism” This feed will make you proud to live in this city.

BEST EDITS @MrAntooine: This account is simply inspiring and cleverly unique. With 21K followers that would definitely agree.

clever instagram pictures

Honorable Mention goes to @oneofthebrave: for amazing editing @oneofthebrave. Another diamond in the rough

Remember best way to follow these artists is to go to our Instagram account @artofmiami and click on our “following” page. Look forward to ” Top South Florida Instagramers You Must Follow part 2″ Hover over the gallery below for other highly recommended accounts in the South Florida area according to ArtofMiami.com

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