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“Sktchy” the App is Finally Launched by Miami Based Developer

The “Instagram”  for sketchers and doodlers is finally released and its called Sktchy.From the originators of the blog Beached Miami and evidently the website SketchyMiami.com comes this new ambitious app which already is getting positive reviews. This free app hopes to make the world smaller by inspiring the sharing of portrait drawings within the Sktchy community and artist all over the world.

Our experience with Sketchy Miami inspired us to expand and refine the concept so that anyone anywhere could take part. Working with a team of awesomely talented people, we developed an iPhone app called Sktchy, and already artists around the world — from the US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, England, Argentina and elsewhere — have created and shared thousands of original portraits, each inspired by a face in the Sktchy photo gallery. – Jordan Meinick  of BeachedMiami.com

Here is a sample:

via: BM

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