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Miami Blows Opportunity For a Landmark

miami memeRewind back to the 1950’s when New York City had the challenge of creating a new art museum to house the modern art of the time. The result was the iconic Guggenheim Museum of Art, a work of art that houses art. In sharp contrast fast forward to 2013,  Miami is to unveil its long desired and awaited Art Museum and the result is just another grid building that blends with our rectangular skyline and takes up prime bayfront real estate. Just another warehouse construction with steel beams that some what embellishes its facade.

What no one dares to say about the new PAMM museum, the museum to replace the nostalgic MAM, is that it is a half assed approach to architecture and a waisted opportunity to creating a landmark building to show off to the world. Back in college I wrote a thesis arguing the fact that Miami’s architecture is composed of mostly of horizontal and vertical lines designs. “The Homage to the Rectangle” is what I titled it. Only because it is cheap to construct, is why Miami adopted this criteria for constructing buildings and shielding behind the excuse that it is modernism at its best. But in reality it is a cop-out to good  decision-making. Once again Miami has chosen to “Defer the Dream” of becoming a world-class city by blowing the opportunity to create an amazingly iconic Art Museum and instead opting for a design that can be described as an embellished warehouse that houses art work. With its abundant use of right angles and minimal attempts to engineering innovation, the new PAMM museum falls flat in becoming a true Pantheon for Modern Art.

Now here is Miami with the opportunity to create a landmark for our city. A statement to our proclamation as Art Mecca of the western hemisphere. However, the best we can come up with is this, a supposedly tribute to Stiltsville. Give me a break!! The Arsht Center is more artistic than this. The South Dade Cultural Arts Center is more impressive than this. Say what you want about the Marlin’s but the Marlin’s Park is a remarkable feat of architectural. Hopefully the new Frost Science Museum will come through in that respect.

In conclusion, instead of having the next Sidney Opera House, the next Guggenheim or  Eiffel Tower, we have an expensive ware house with bayfront access to Biscayne Bay.

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