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Art for Israel Hernandez aka Reefa

Art for Reefa

Grief is expressed in many forms. Since the beginning, art has been an outlet for grieving hearts in search for expression. As family and friends find ways to grieve the tragic death of Graffiti Artist  Israel Hernandez (aka Reefa), many have turned to art as their method to cope. Here is a breath of art from many in our community mourning Israel Hernandez. #ripreefa

pics via: Instagram #ripreefa


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  1. Brandt says:

    When will we start holding officers accountable for their brutality and excessive use of force? It seems the more these situations arise, the more they are ignored and even justified. Over 20 years after the Rodney King incident and what has changed? We live in a country which profits from violent policing. Read more about how our justice system has fixed the game to turn a buck at

  2. Lauran Childs says:

    My heart goes out to the parents of Reefa. what happened should never have happened, it was just crazy.

    Graffitti enlivens many environments and even some huge art stars have been born that way – like Banksy.

    R.I.P. Police should not be allowed to attack people like this.

  1. Cops Kill 18-Year-Old Artist with a Taser. His Big Threat? A Bottle of Spray Paint. | ACLU of Florida says:

    […] are touted as a non-lethal law enforcement tool. And yet, a family and a community grieve for a well-loved and respected young artist because of the excessively aggressive actions taken by the Miami Beach Police […]

  2. Policías asesinan a artista de 18 años de edad con una pistola Taser ¿Su gran amenaza? Una botella de pintura de aerosol | ACLU de la Florida says:

    […] para agentes del orden público. Y, sin embargo, una familia y una comunidad están en duelo por un joven artista muy querido y respetado, debido a las acciones excesivamente agresivas adoptadas por el Departamento de Policía de Miami […]

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