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Best Pics From #VixenArmy Selected by Art of Miami

Inspiration from this post came from innovator of the popular Vixen Workout created by Miami’s own Janet Jones. Enjoy the motivation pictures by participants of this workout craze.

The Vixen workout is the latest workout to hit the dance fitness scene from Miami, Florida.  Inspired by BET afterhours, Rick Ross, and Beyonce; creator Janet Jones puts the latest moves you see in Hip-Hop night clubs, music videos, live stage shows into a killer 60-minute fast paced cardio sesh. The class is done completely in heels, which intensifies your workout by 40%. Students can expect to burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories in class, fog-up mirrors, and act Ratchet with their friends in class.  Come to the Vixen Workout, the official Twerk school of Miami.

info: VixenWorkout

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