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Nostalgic Sand Collection Display by Art of Miami

nostalgic sand collection

Nostalgic Sand Collection Display by Art of Miami

My sand collection began with a trip to the Bahamas along my mother and her three sisters. It was the first time I had been able to convince my mom to travel since we arrived in this country in 1985. Witnessing my mom having child-like fun on the sandy beaches was priceless. Taking pictures was the obvious choice at an attempt to capture the moment for future cherishing. In doing so, I accidentally dropped my camera in the sand in the process.Which then gave me the idea to take some sand home as well.  Since then, I have collected sand from many different places. I have been experimenting different ways to display my sand collection. The challenge was to display it in a way that will, for a second, transport me (or the viewer) to that special place and second in time. Finally I have come up with a beautiful solution that I am happy to share. Using simple acrylic boxes, I first glued a 4 x 4 picture of an image from the location. This will provide the back drop to the miniature setting. Then we poor in enough sand to overlap the sand of the picture in the background. The final result is miniature biosphere that transports you that memorable spot at a glance.

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