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Miami’s City Hall is Shameful

San Francisco City Hall
miami city hall

Miami City Hall (via:TripAdvisor)
So why am I posting this negative comment. Well simply because I love my city. Yes. Ironic. I just came back from San Francisco. Have been there many times before but had not had the honor to see the neo-classical domed building on Van Ness and Grove st. Marveled by this Les Invalides inspired landmark, I research its use. Shocked to find out it is just San Francisco’s city Hall. The San Francisco city hall rivals any state capital building in decor and grandeur. And I dare to say even the US Capital. This discovery brought shame to me and the city I brag so much about. For our city hall looks like a warehouse with a flag on top of it. I petition and demand the creation of a new city hall that will see itself as a landmark and bring pride to our city. Or perhaps refurbish the Freedom Tower into our new city hall. Any other ideas? It took a natural disaster to replace the old San Francisco city Hall with the current masterpiece. Lets not let it come to that.

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