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Skyline Makes Miami Proud During NBA Eastern Conference Finals

If you watched last nights game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, like me, you felt a deep sense of pride when our boys beat down the Indiana Pacers. Yet one more scene evoked a sense of pride and it came during various aerial views of our glittering skyline, provided by the Goodyear Blimp. With our city on the world stage, every single building was spit and polished for the occasion. But by far the new LED lighting system of the Miami Tower stole the show. I had read about and seen pictures of the new multimillion dollar upgrade months back but had not seen footage of its ability in action. In short the Miami Tower represented Miami as world-class city among millions that were watching the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals. Don’t miss more displays of pride and progress that our skyline boasts during commercial breaks at this 2013 NBA Championships. particularly the Miami Tower’s Led Displays and also the Intercontinental Hotels giant LED canvas.Stating this Thursday. Go Heat !!!!

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