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Miami Building Ranks in “Ugliest Skyscrapers in the World” List

After coming across some recent photos of the One Trade Center Tower’s spire being ceremoniously erected, the thought “man that’s quite ugly” came to my mind. I really think we punked out in creating the tallest building in America to replace the Twin Towers. Anyway, that thought prompted me to search the web with the phrase “ugliest skyscrapers in the world,” out of curiosity. Wow! There are some ugly buildings out there. And some of them are right here in the US. For example Miami’s own Portofino Tower in South Point made the cut and so did Boston’s Prudential Tower. Among the ugliest has to be the enormous Mecca Clock Tower. With its outdated architecture and obvious non-artistic minds calling the shots in the construction of this building. One that really disappointed me because it ruins one of the world’s most beautiful city is the Strata Building. A gigantic half steel and concrete structure with three huge wind turbines on the building roof, which makes it look like an electric shaver. Take a trip to Hong Kong and the locals will jokingly tell you the IFC building is a giant electric shaver but now the Strata Building gets this prize by far. How was this monstrosity approved for construction? Too many yes men on board and not enough concerned citizens attending council meetings that’s how. Lets not let this happen to Miami. One that is just plain amusing is a kitschy design in Beijing of a grove of apple tree hotels. Oh, and it is not a proposal. They are in construction phase. And last but not least is well of course North Korea’s  Ryugyong Hotel. Enjoy! And pledge not to settle for the absolute best for our city skyline.

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