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Photos and Commentary: Kiki Valdes “The Valdeziacs” at the Miami Design District

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Last night’s exhibition of Kiki Valdes’ latest work pulled a good crowd of fans, art lovers and collectors. (data of audience’s social status gathered by ease dropping on conversations) The event was well put together and generously hosted with Korbel Champagne and Sapphire Beer. The artist was friendly and approachable, staying to the end to greet and answer questions from guests. We were eager to compliment the artist for his use of layers and exaggerated texture. When we finally had the opportunity to do so, Kiki greeted us with a big smile and genuine appreciation for our support. I have to emphasize this part of the night because I feel presentation and manners is something many artist lack. However, Kiki Valdes we must say is one artist that is not cursed with the stereotypical social awkwardness. Anyway, about the art. We are impressed with the impasto technique in Kiki’s work for it captures the art process unlike any other medium can achieve. Much like a diary entry, the layers of impasto is a visual testimony that an artist was here and created something in his life time for the public to witness. Kiki Valdes works ranged in price from the mid $4000 and peaked at $5500. Which is the image in the headline. It gave us great pride to see Kiki, a local artist’s whose work we saw first back in ’05 at small venue at the Gables and is now showing at a beautiful location at the Design District. Kiki Valdes “The Valdeziacs” is on view until May 10th.

THE VALDEZIACS (Solo Exhibition)
Opening Reception: Saturday April 27th 7-10pm
101 Exhibit – 101 NE 40th Street. Miami FL. 33137
Show runs till May 10th






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