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Good News: Miami’s skyline is called out for being outdated.

Good news someone finally calls out Miami’s skyline for being outdated. In recent, headlines in the real estate community, architectural superstar Zaha Hadid’s has opposed the construction of her residential tower in downtown Miami’s museum district. In short, Hadid, who has recently added to London’s modern architectural face lift with her design of the Olympic Aquatic center, explained that her design does not match the city. In other words, it’s too modern. The Miami New Times followed up with the headlines claiming her design would make the skyline look so 10 years ago.

The Miami Skyline looking outdated is a good thing. Hopefully the construction of this contrasting edifice will inspire a competition for uniqueness among future developers. In recent years much of the construction the Miami skyline has not change its silhouette in any way. All these flat-roofed, streamline towers have just filled in some of the gaps needed to complete the “Biscayne Wall.” Lets welcome innovative design to our city, Specially that which will outdated our skyline. I welcome 1000 museum building. Oh and for those of you that argue ” if the own artist (Hadid) says it doesn’t match then she must be right.” Let me remind you of an artist that called his painting “The Night Cafe,” the most hideous painting he has ever seen. It is now, 100 years later one of the most expensive paintings by Vincent Vangogh.

pic via: Curbed Miami

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