Photos: The Art of Basketball: Art Basel Week Event Featuring Dwyane Wade, Chirs Bosh and Lebron James » Art of Miami



Photos: The Art of Basketball: Art Basel Week Event Featuring Dwyane Wade, Chirs Bosh and Lebron James

miami heat big 3 art
We attended the Art of Basketball event last night at the design district. The concept of the show was to  celebrate through art the game of basketball using official NBA backboards and hardwood floors as the canvas. The VIP event promised the arrival of the Big 3 Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron james at the event. Although the security tried to kick-out all the media before the Big 3 arrived, Art of managed to overcome that obstacle by hiding our media pass and blending in with the V.I.P croud.

Before we speak about the celebrities at the event, The Art of Basketball exhibit had exceptional pieces that were not showcased by the media during promotions leading. The inventory was top quality art, such as the work of Johnny Robles, who rendered a portrait of the Big 3 crowned with halos. Signed in 2010, J. Robles was confident the Big 3 would be crowned champions 2 years later. The other highlight of the show was that of  Joe Lutora whose portraits of the Big Three is the cover pick above. Other notable art were those of Cope 2 and Billi Kid. Both having pieces that sold by the end of the night. The art work’s prices ranged from $500-$15,000. The backboards being the highest priced items.

Dwyane Wade arrived with girlfriend Gabriela Union who looks absolutely beautiful in person. Chris Bosh, tall ass self was accompanied by his GF as well. They both seem to have in their priority acknowledging  the youth art by students from the Art Studio of Miami. Posing pictures and congratulating their efforts, much to the students delight. After pretending to admire some of the more established artists work, Wade and Bosh took refuge at a roped off lobby.

While we all stuck around for rumors of a Lebron appearance to materialize, we piged out on the mouth-watering burgers courtesy of the Shake Shack who catered the event. Never heard of this joint but it was so freaking good. Try it for your self. Locations in Coral Gables right by Sunset Place and on Miami Beach. The name is Shake Shack. Finally the big man Lebron James arrived sporting a Unknwn leather snapback.  Not gonna lie. As the crowds swarmed to his vicinity. I chilled back enjoying by burger. No seriously it was mad good.  Anyway, great event enjoy the pics. You still have time to check it out. Click on link for info.



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