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miami skyline 20152015 is going to be a good year for Miami. 2015 will see our cityscape changed dramatically with the completion of several major construction projects that will raise the status of our city 0ne notch. The first  being the mega 826/836 interchange. With 4 levels of highway and over 47 bridges this will be a drastic addition to Miami’s landscape. Also the new Frost Science Museum is set for opening in the fall of 2015.  Swire’s Properties will be transforming our skyline with the completion of the largest highrise construction project in Miami since the real estate boom, Brickell Citicentre.  Finally the Port of Miami Tunnel will be completed by then as well. Take a look above at an artist rendering of the Miami Skyline in 2015. Although many of the buildings in the rendering are not yet in construction, it still accurate to the proposed plans for the city. Compare this to Miami’s Skyline from the past.  pic via: VisionMIA


  1. Frank Zweegers says:

    Sounds great, would certainly improve Miami’s overall appearance :)

    1. Art of Miami says:


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