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“Wear Art Thou” Miniature Art By Miami-Based Artist Rose Miller

hand painted jewelryHand Painted Jewelry by Rose Miller

We only post the most interesting, unique and inspiring. We came across these intricately hand painted wooden rings by Miami artist Rose Miller. The wooden rings are uniquely designed with miniature masterpieces from art history or of the artists own creation. Rose reproduces the paintings of some of the most iconic artists in art history but on a tiny scale. Some of the paintings in her collection include Roy Lichtenstein’s “Kiss V”, Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”, René Magritte’s “The Lovers” and more. Prices for this hand painted jewelry ranges from only $20.00 to $50.00 on Etsy.com. We have include some of our favorites. For full collection visit artist’s site. Link is below.

info: Rose Miller


  1. A says:

    I love these!

    Art that you can wear on your hand. They’re exquisite tiny masterpieces.

    1. Art of Miami says:

      I totally agree. Masterpieces indeed.

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