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The Best of Miami-Based Instagram Sensation Sant Lov

woody toy story posting on intsagram

Miami-Based Photographer Sant Lov Goes Viral

The mastermind behind this viral social media sensation is Miami-based photographer and graphic designer SantLov. Sant Lov captures toys of pop culture characters in human like every day situations.  The scenarios the characters are pictured in, poke fun at daily human behaviors and trends. Yet also brings awareness to society’s dependence on technology and social media. Favorites would be Woody from toy story taking a picture of sushi rolls presumably to post on Instagram with the hashtag: #foodporn. Also The a Star Wars Stormtrooper worrisome at the dinner table over looking some bills.  A common theme in Sant Lov  eerily realistic photos is the use of  characters interacting with their personal iPhones, iPads and Camera’s again speaking to human dependence on technology. This seems to be the more popular pictures for Sant Lov’s 200,000 plus fans. In fact, viewing the hundreds of comments on his Instagram feed, fans main inquiry is where he gets these “miniature” props from. Enjoy our picks from Sant Lov’s toysrlikeus collection. Make sure to follow this local talent on Instagram at @santlov, Facebook  and  at

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