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Space Invader Sends Art to Space!




Space Invader Sends Art to Space!

Space Invader has been, well, invading Miami with tiled get ups all across central Miami. Now he takes his art literally to space. Can’t confirm if this is photoshop or actual pics. However, the scope of the project will be revealed in detail on December 6,2012  at his solo exhibit during the Art Basel festivities in Miami. Exhibit is appropriately entitled Art4Space.

Solo Exhibition, Art4Space
Invader will present this entire project in a booth with Jonathan Levine Gallery at Pulse-Miami art fair during Art Basel Miami, December 6 to 9, 2012.

Publication, Mission Miami / Art4 Space
On the occasion of the exhibition a new installment of the Invasion Guides collection will be published. After Paris, LA, London, and Rome, this book will be devoted to The invasion of Miami as well as the Art4Space project.

Map of invasion, Invasion of Miami
True to his methodology, Invader will release a map of the Invasion of Miami, completing the collection of 22 city maps already published. Invasion of Miami will be distributed during the fair.

via:The305 ART BASEL: Space Invader’s Art4Space: Mission Miami @ The Pulse-Miami Art Fair.

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