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Britto Art in Wynwood Vandalized

Photo Credit: Yo-Miami


I few years back  some “Britto Haters” spray painted a public sculpture of Britto in Miami Beach with the words “Not Art.”  Then again last year with the words “error.” Last night one of Britto’s murals in Wynwood was spray painted with a tag that reads “C DOG.” What the heck is wrong with people. I remember back in the day when the art community hoped Miami had an artist that could shine a light on our city. Romero Britto came a long and did that. He is clearly the most well known artist to our city. He has a bigger fan following then Friends with You, Jen Stark and Freegums combined and unlike them has kept his base here in Miami. However he is hated upon by many including the staff at the New Times who have taken this position. Anyway I think coming to Britto’s defense is long over due.

PS: What a huge fat cap. Did the vandal use a fire extinguisher to tag that?

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