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World’s Biggest Beach Towel: A Social Experiment by Miami artist Misael Soto

world biggest beach towelMiami Artist Misael Soto creates Art that hopes to break barriers

Bravo to Misael Soto for this interactive art project. Misael Soto’s work has often been a statement about the many ways people try to isolate themselves from others. Examples: placing a purse on the seat next to them, putting headphones while at the gym, marking their territory at the beach etc. Can you think of one? Soto’s  giant beach towels plays upon this concept. In an interview on Arterpillar he clarified that the giant beach towel is not to claim beach real estate but a means of inviting people into his space. After all an average beach towel only fits one. I think it is a fabulous idea. Misael Soto also followed up the interview with some casual data gathered when he took his beach towel for a test run this past Memorial Weekend at South Beach. Misael plans to take his giant beach towel on a tour of different beaches across the nation and expose others in different locals to this art experience/experiment. Check the full interview by clicking below.

I lay out my beach towel for the day measuring approximately 56 x 29 feet. I bring sunscreen snacks, drinks, and games for all. The towel is for everyone to enjoy, hoping to subvert the way beach-goers claim their temporary real estate on the beach.

I intend to indict and subvert typically American excess, in an attempt to not only comment on how we choose to share the wealth (or not), but to also provide a space where I create the opportunity for communal transcendence above the conditioning of capitalism. -Misael Soto

via: arterpillar and curbed miami

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