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Miami Artists Friends With You and Freegums Leaving for L.A

friend with youmiami artistMiami Artist Exodus: Last time I’ll be posting about this

A few months ago we reported and then confirmed that one of Miami’s top-notch artist Jen Stark was leaving Miami for L.A. We also listed some of the other artists that have left our city of Miami.(Bert Rodriguez, Daniel Arsham, Hernan Bas, Kiki Valdes, and others) Well now it has been confirmed that another two of our city’s best are leaving for LaLa Land. First, Miami artist and rumored boyfriend of Jen Stark, Alvaro Ilizarbe aka Freegums will be following Jen to the bigger market of Los Angeles. Friends with You will also be heading out west. So it seems, there will a Miami Artist colony over in L.A.

The rumors have been going around of  Freegums and Friend With You making the move, but today it was confirmed on an article in The Cultist. Much is being debated about whether Miami as a city is far from or at the same level as L.A in terms of importance and cultural significance. However, one can argue statistics and analogies all we want, but at the end of the day actions speak louder than words. The actions of the artists can not be ignored.

source: New Times


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