AMAZING PHOTOREALISM @ BRAD 5/19/2012 » Art of Miami




photo realism painting with oreos and spiderman


New gallery at BRAD opens with the unique photorealistic paintings of Doug Bloodworth

This saturday a new gallery will join the neighborhood at the Bird Road Art District and its inagural show is engaging. Take a look at some of these amazing photorealistic art works by artist Doug Bloodworth. Blood worth works in oils. His repeated use of comic books in his art make his photorealistic still lifes unique from any other. Also his subtle touch of humor with in the image adds to the charm. Notice the subtle interactions the comic book heroes have with the surroundings. Like The Hulk grabbing a Cheetos or Spiderman slinging the Oreo in perspective. Check his work out this Saturday at the Bird Road Art Walk at the AVE 74 art gallery. (7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Saturday, May 19 in conjunction with the Bird Road Art Walk)

Ave 74

4432 SW 74 Ave,

Miami, FL 33155.

For more info contact 305.666.3355.

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