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Best of Draw Something part 2

“Stuff that Makes Me Happy”

We had a great response to the first post about the Best of Draw Something Miami. Gotta give the people what they want right? Therefore here is part 2 of The Best of Draw Something Miami and I can guarantee all these Draw Somethings are from Miami for those of you that asked.This time we decide to exclusively feature Miami artist by the user name Bryan D.

His amazing sketches were what really  made the first issue of the Best of Draw Something So Far a hit. The best part is the humor in his Draw Somethings. Not really playing for points Bryan D. rather plays for the sake of art. The three things that make an art work successful is the famous 3 C’s: concept, craftsmanship and creativity. But I would like to add that a true artists strives to provoke an emotion from the viewer. Wether its laughter, wonder or joy Bryan’s work accomplishes them all. I was convinced of this when Stephanie McDaniel repined one of his Draw Somethings on her Pintrest board under the titled “Stuff that makes me happy.” Enjoy the art! To submit your own draw something e-mail us:

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