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Things You Don’t Know About Coral Gables

“The City Beautiful” Walking Tour

Did you know that the Coral Gables Museum offers a historical walking tour of “The City Beautiful.” I had the pleasure to take part in this wonderful and enlightening tour. The tour starts out at the newly opened Coral Gables Museum. After the historical walk through this great city we learned and noticed many interesting facts about the city.

alhambra tower miami

Alhambra Tower Miami

Coral Gables is a city that was founded under the vision of entrepreneur George Merrick 1925, becoming one of the nations’s first planned communities. It is also one of the products accomplished during The New Deal, a public construction and development initiative during the great depression. The plan of the city was themed around the architecture of Southern Spain. Which later adopted the nickname “Mediterranean Revival?” Did you know that later on, Coral Gables briefly experimented with developing other themed communities? These communities  called Villages still stand today. These included the Chinese, Italian, South African, and French Villages. This idea did not however take off and the “Mediterranean Revival” was fully adopted and in 1985 became a city ordinance.

The Giralda Tower of the Cathedral of Seville, Spain is a main architectural influence in this city. This fact is reflected in many of the buildings in the city. For example, the Biltmore Hotel, which stands today as an enchanting example of Coral Gables trademark Mediterranean style architecture. Also, the newly constructed office towers that sit on Alhambra Street appropriately named The Alhambra Tower. This building not only resembles the original but also houses a replica of the statue “Lady of Faith.”

Today, Coral Gables is a flourishing city. It is truly George Merrick’s dream come true. Not only is it a thriving multi-cultural community but also serves as a business and cultural interchange for Latin American region. The Historical Walking Tour Coral Gables not only provides historical value but it also a fun and interactive way to get acquainted with local businesses and social hangs outs that the city has to offer.

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