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Mural Gets Political in Wynwood

mural with skull with jaw as pizza slice and judges at ransom

Mural That Makes a Statement in Wynwood Miami by Stephen Palladino

Let’s analyze this. What do we see? First what seems to be a skull spring loaded from a pizza box. A slice making up his jaw while the eyes are diamonds. Across (or should I say juxtaposed) from that image is a water bottle having a figure emerge as do genies from a lantern. For a brain is a pool with water being drained from it. In the background what appears to be a panel of judges or business men. One their decisions being held hostage by the man on the left with a gun. So what does it all mean? I’m sure the artist would be glad with what ever message we can take from it. For me it’s a statement towards the lies that the government, media and influential sources install upon us. What do you think?

Check out: Palladino Art


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