Call to Artists: Art Live Fair entires due: 6/1/2012 » Art of Miami



Call to Artists: Art Live Fair entires due: 6/1/2012



Art Live 2012 Fair has issued an OPEN CALL to artists to submit proposals for unreserved open space within the Fair, either indoors or outdoors, to create an art work or installation “live” during the Fair. The submission process is described below. If the Artist’s submission is accepted by the Fair, the Artist will be notified and required to sign an agreement committing to create the Art proposed by the submission.

Please note, we are committed to a child friendly environment during the daytime hours (11am-6pm) of the Fair but works that are edgier will be considered for evening hours (6pm-10pm) on Friday and Saturday nights.

Our Theme for Art Live 2012 Fair Open Space Performances: “We are all one.”

Artist Submissions should:

Include a written description of Artist’s proposed art work or installation to be created and/or performed live at the Fair (“Art”), including concept, medium, size, space (inside or out and dimensions needed, hi-resolution images and/or renderings, and presentation. Describe the extent to which the Art is performance based or interactive, e.g. invites audience participation. Include any special requirements or logistical needs (e.g., electricity, lighting, stage, indoors versus outdoors, etc.). If you have audio/visual equipment needs, please be prepared to provide your own equipment or tell us if your proposal requires the Fair’s equipment. If performance art, state the times and duration of performances proposed or necessitated for the work. The Fair encourages artist submissions proposing the use of humble materials in the creation of art wherever possible. Submissions should consider and articulate the relationship of the proposed Art to the Theme of this year’s Fair. In addition, please advise whether the Art is “child friendly,” meaning suitable for viewing and/or participation by children under the age of 10; if uncertain, please state so and why. Art suited for more adult audiences may be proposed and scheduled for the Fair’s evening hours.

Include the Artist’s bio, artist’s statement, CV and other credentials with the submission, along with website address and at least three examples of other work of equivalent complexity or substance to the Art proposed.

State whether the Art is sponsored by anyone other than the Artist and if so, by whom.

Be accompanied by a processing fee of $25. No submissions or related materials will be returned.

Submissions should be by e-mail on or before June 1, 2012 to ensure consideration to:

Antonia Wright

Guest Curator


Or mailed to:

Art Live 2012

c/o Art Live Fair

PO Box 12189

Miami, Florida 33101

You will be notified in writing if your submission is accepted for performance in the Fair’s open space per the terms of the Exhibitor Application and Agreement.

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