aerial view of the art classroom
Art by Harold Rosario “Going for the Arts” 24″x 34″digital montage

“A Call to Action” exhibit at the JCC Gallery in Kendall
This week is the last chance to see art created by our Miami-Dade Art Teachers. The exhibit is a response from by Miami-Dade art teacher as a call for action to keep art in our schools. The art works provoke awareness, remind us of the importance that Art Education and illustrates the frustration over the current lack of job security.

“A Call to Action”
JCC Futernick Family Gallery (bldg 5)
115 Sw 112 Ave
Kendall, FL 33176
(305) 271-9000
1 pm- 4pm
Exhibition Runs Through April 29th

A Call To Artistic Action

The results of the past legislative session, combined with the recession,
have been devastating to arts education in our district and state. We know of
students denied access to the arts in a variety of school situations. We know of arts
programs ended or under threat of dissolution. We know of arts educators whose
careers have been thwarted by these circumstances.
We have sustained our role as advocates of the arts in public education through
phone calls, letter writing, and dialogue with policy makers. But we need to do
more. We need to use our gifts, our treasure, in service of the cause of sustaining
arts education as core curriculum in public schools.
We propose a visual art exhibition like no other we have done in the past. An
exhibition of new art where every DAEA member will produce an activist artwork
about the loss and/or potential loss of the arts in public education. Think of
Picasso’s “Guernica”, Van Gogh’s “Potato Eaters”, and Delacroix’s “Liberty
leading the people”. Through these images, these artists moved the public about
issues of war, poverty, and freedom. Is not our cause for arts education, a cause of
freedom in thinking and expression in education?
This show will not be juried. We want everyone participating. But the artwork
needs to engage the viewer in the issues. The art image needs to mobilize and
support justice and equity for the arts in schools. Our gift is to re-imagine beyond
the politically imposed restraints placed on our subject and our profession. Our
treasure is to be able to communicate visually, without words, an issue that is kept
silenced, is contentious, and may be uncomfortable to share.
Art history shows us the way. The arts have always embodied the human spirit and
cause for justice. DAEA invites you to participate in the what we hope is a
groundbreaking exhibition in support of our children and our work in the visual
Mark Rosenkrantz

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