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Launch of Wynwood Studio Walk 5/10/2012

wynwood muralLaunch of Wynwood Studio Walk 5/10/2012:
We are pleased to announce that starting the month of May 2012, local artists working in Wynwood, Miami’s Art District, will have the pleasure of opening to the public after-work-hours (5-9 PM) for two community events called WYNWOOD STUDIO WALKS (May 10 and May 24).    During this events, all artists will be present and working in their respective studios, allowing visitors to get a complete art experience, to meet the artists personally, learn about their work and take a behind-the-scenes look into Wynwood’s local artists’ workplaces. On behalf of Wynwood’s local artists’ community, we greatly appreciate your helping us spread the word about these unique events, to be held monthly starting May 2012.
We will distribute one newsletter each month announcing the dates for WYNWOOD STUDIO WALKS.    Events for the month of May will be held on Thursday, May 10 and Thursday, May 24, from 5-9 PM.    Thanks for your support and please come visit!
Wynwood Arts Dristrict May 10th and May 24th 5-9pm
  2531 NW Second Ave
Miami Fl
Participating Artists
ricardo_triana @yahoo .com
Pablo Gentile
and more to be announced
Wynwood Artist Studios Open-Doors Events – Meet the Artists at Work

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