jen starkJen Stark is taking her talents out of South Beach:
Up until now Jen Stark has been working out of her Little Haiti studio, making her a true product of the 305. So it came as sad news to find out that Jen Stark is taking her talents out of South Beach. She is leaving the Magic City for La La Land, Los Angeles. She joins the list of local artists that have set up their production base out of town. The list of local artist that have left our city is as follows: Daniel Arsham and Kiki Valdes are now at the 212/New York City. Much has been published lately internationally about the work of Miami artist Hernan Bas. But guess what? He is based in Detroit now and that’s what makes the press. Finally now Jen Stark will head over to L.A where Miami artist Bert Rodriguez now calls home. How disappointing!

Actually lets be realistic. This poses a good question. Miami can’t actually claim the status of cultural hub if our own artists are leaving us. So why are they leaving? What can Miami do to keep artists from leaving? Any answers? I have some. For one get a Ph.D program available at one of the local universities. Another would be to recruit creative geared companies to set up their base in Miami. Right now, most advertising, fashion, architectural jobs are either in NYC or L.A. Finally, Miami needs to have a major museum with major works or contemporary and historical value that provoke education, innovation and research.

I’ll be moving to LA this summer and have a solo show there at Martha Otero in September. Very excited for the future!- Jen Stark in Wonderland Mag interview

Jen Stark confirms moving out of Miami via Twitter

source: Wonderland Mag


  1. James Echols says:

    We saw this exact problem years ago, Miami based artists moving because they believed they could not make a living doing art in Miami. Our solution was, in January of 2009, to found an organization supporting and promoting the south Florida artists and art scene, called Life Is Art.

    Being just “regular folks”, not rich or well-connected, we started small but have grown over the years and have produced, co-produced or participated in over 50 events in about three years, including the just past PhilanthroFest.

    There are other organizations and people like ours working towards the same goal. We need more people doing the same. People who will stand up for what they believe in. If anyone is interested in getting involved, please contact us through our website, or look up some of the other organizations and get in touch with them. Or, get out there and start your own thing!

    1. Art of Miami says:

      I’m with you, James. I like what you do for the art community. We are trying to contribute our share as well with this site. I remmember earlier this year the superintendent of schools gave a great speech about how fostering the arts in art community is an economic decision. And I tend to agree. Our economy is too dependent on tourism. We have a window of opportunity to capitalize on the current buzz that Miami is getting for being a potential hub for artistic enterprise. But artists (like one of my faves Jen Stark), keep leaving it doesn’t look good.

      1. Lauran Childs says:

        Well said James and Art of Miami!

        Love what the super said about how fostering art can be an economic decision.

        People have to buy our art though and despite Art Basel bringing some serious buyers here local artists are cheesed off annually at the spotlight being on so many artists from elsewhere whilst many talented artists here are ignored.

        I don’t know what the answer is but I’m one of many artists cheesed off with people often trying to get our art for little or nothing…

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