Nick Gentry @ Robert Fountaine Gallery Miami,FL 2012

Quick Recap of Wynwood Art Walk April 2012

It was a challenge chosing the cover for this month’s Best of Wynwood Post. So I did what any one else would, include them all. First let us start with Robert Fountaine’s new art space which hosted Nick Gentry’sportraiture on floppy disks. Amazing to see his collection of portraits in person. After reading a little about his intentions behind this series, I took the time to actually read the labels on some of the disks. That gave the paintings a personal touch, because I got to know what made these floppies at one point valuable to the owner and now they have a value in the form of art.

Skipping over to David Castillo. I usually say WTF when I see some of these conceptual videos and installation. However the work by Kate Gilmore at David Castillo I actually liked. There was something historical about it, I guess. First you walked in a saw a video of the artist creating this piece of “accidentally” spilled bowls of fluorescent pink paint on a black shelf grid. Slowly but surely the pure black grid was transformed as the artist intentionally through rocks inside the bowls to cause them to spill the paint. Yeah it sounds weird I know. But still it grabbed my attention. Then on the other side of the gallery was the actual end product from the video. That served as a kind of artifact of the event that took place on film. Needless to say, that if each piece was seen individually the concept would suck. But together the film and the end product does make you ponder. At the very least to ask yourself “why did this fellow human spend this time from her life to create this?” I will write more in depth about this piece on a future post. Simply said, I like it.

Another cool art was the excel art by Alexiy Say at Black Square Gallery. Art made entirely in Microsoft Excel. I specially was drawn to the over head views of scenes at the office space and the aerial views of a crowded beach. From up close it was gibberish and then came to focused when you stepped back. A kind of Information Age type of Impressionism.

On a lighter note! Man the drink of the night was those Mandarine Napoleone and ginger beer cocktails that have been served  up along the night. You see, that promotional stuff does work. I even went to Mega Liquors to find that Mandarine Napoleone, but they didn’t have it.

Talk about great art for a steal was the art of Ray Lopez at New World’s ArtSeen Gallery on 22 street. His portrait’s rendering was professional grade and the execution of his segmenting concept was on point. When talking to the artist he made a great point. “Why over price your art so your inventory grows.” Good advice for you artists out there. Share your art with the world!

Finally, NOW contemporay art was open and although everyone seem to been taking up by Magdalena Murua’s installation of floating stars. I was amazed by these frozen rain drops they had on view in the office space area. Man that was unique! Bravo!

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Kate Gilmore @ David Castillo Gallery Miami,FL 2012

 Alexiy Say - "Excel-Art"

Alexiy Say – “Excel-Art”

rain drops


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