pancakes draw somethingFirst it was Words With Friends and I mastered it. Now it is Draw Something and I am hooked on it. I was introduced to it by the same friend that introduced me to WWF. Haven’t quiet mastered rendering with my fingers. However the following players seem like they have. Now you must admit, some of these are using a pen tablet, stylus or something. That is not as challenging as drawing on the iPhone. Check out my favorite Draw Something sketches gathered from around the internet and friends. I specifically searched for the drawings of Miami-born artist Bryan Davis whose sketches are amazing and comical. He was kind enough to provide us with his wonderful Draw Something sketches, including the ones titled: drums, headband, up, Tom Hanks and pitfall. The one of Snooky trips me out.( anonymous) You like the Plummer one? I’m proud to say that the drawings of the Plummer, the corndog, tentacle (yes I’ve been told its an antenna), risk, Luke, butcher and the Porsche were done by me on my iPhone 3s. Remember, if you want to challenge our drawing skills, hit us up! Our user name is @artofmiamidotcom. Oh. submit your Draw Something sketch at

draw something: scooter and an old lady at the super marketDraw Something: labdraw something:riddlerDraw Something: snorecorn dog draw something by artofmiami.complummer draw something miami

draw something pit falldraw something hair dye

draw something unitedDraw Something: Leathereasy way to draw risk on draw something by artofmiami.comDraw Something Bart by

Draw Something: drums by Bryan DavisDraw Something: Up by Bryan DavisDraw Something: butcherDraw Something : pizza by Bryan Davis

bee with tentacles for draw somethingDraw Something: Warhol by Bryan Davis

Draw Something: Luke by artofmiami.comlong jump draw some thing

Draw Something:tom hanksDraw Something : head band by Bryan Davis


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