sculpture of family in the dade county youth fair on coral way

(picture credit: artofmiami.com

Local Landmark in Danger of Vanishing

The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair starts today. This year when you attend The Fair take time to appreciate its largest work of art and a beloved landmark of the Westchester community, because it is in danger of non-existing. FIU and Miami-Dade County are making plans to relocated the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair part of the university 10 year expansion plan. A possible relocation site considered is the grounds near the Miccosukee Resort on 8th street and Krome ave. What will happen to this beautiful public art is yet untold. The Miami Dade County Fair has been part of our culture for now 61 years. This grand sculpture of a stylized family taking a stroll creates us year round on the corner of Coral Way and 107th ave. Who knows where this is? I always wondered who created this landmark. Many , like me, drive by it every day. Some get to see it lit in light of sunrise on their way to work. Some get an ant’s point of view, while perhaps walking to the bus stop on their daily morning ride. Many of us use it as a point of reference when giving driving directions or to located Coral Way.

So in the in spirit of the annual festivities that surrounds The Fair at this time of year, I went to find who was the artist. However, there is no plaque of who created it on site. Mysterious? Researched the internet and there is no mention of it. Finally, I came across a local Miami artists page and there he was posing in front of the art in question. I got to contact him and the friendliest personality made it a pleasure to write this article. His name is Ramon Lago. To make it clear, he helped in transforming the logo of the family holding hands, into a large 3-D sculpture back in the late 1980’s. The designer of the stylized family he said was an artist by the name of Alexander Okum. Which I have no recollection.

“I was working for a sub-contractor who did a lot of work for pattern shops and foundries, and since I specialized on fiberglass I got a lot of odd jobs like the  hand railings columns, banisters water fountains etc in Disney world.

There were a lot of things that were sub-contracted to my department , but I never knew where they came from , in this case there was a Russian stage designer who was very good in designing environments , in this case the entrance to the fair ,  they came to me with a design and a produced a fiberglass scale model about 15 inches high, they after it was approved i was told it would become 15 feet high, and it would be the centerpiece to the entrance .
So in all fairness the design was conceived by Alexander Okum and I did the sculpture work.
I have never claimed credit for the sculpture because it was a clear case of mutual cooperation. and i followed the original design because it was considered the logo before it was a sculpture .”- artist Ramon Lago

Again,this year when you attend The Fair take time to appreciate its largest work of art and a beloved landmark of the Westchester community, because it is in danger of non-existing.

info: Miami-Dade Fair and Expo

info: Ramon Lago

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