FREE APP FOR ART LOVERS: artCircles for iPad on the iTunes App Store » Art of Miami



FREE APP FOR ART LOVERS: artCircles for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Check out this new app for your iPad. Takes you through a time line of colors, subject matter and artist with a swipe of your finger. The video was what sold me to it. Great gift idea. Oh and it’s free!

Take a spin through artCircles(tm) to discover classic and current artwork in a whole new way. Let your fingers wander as you whirl through various collection wheels centered around colors, words or featured curators—the artists, musicians, designers and innovators of our time— who share their unique perspective on creativity and the art and images that inspire them. Each spin reveals new works of art that just may change the way you see a particular painting or photograph, and what you encounter may surprise you. Then shape and share your own collection. Who knows, your “favorites” circle could take someone else on a magical discovery.

Print reproductions of the artworks featured in artCircles are available for purchase on the app and at and can be custom framed in a variety of styles.


• Explore art by curator, color, or theme

• Create a personal collection of favorites

• Share your collection via Facebook or email

• Purchase prints of your favorite works

PURCHASE:  artCircles for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

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