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Call for Artists: PhilanthroFest Entries Due 3/24/2012


call for artists miami 2012PhilanthroFest Call For Artists and Galleries

This event truly has the best interest for artists and vendors in mind. It is a win win situation to participate. FIrst PhilanthroFest will be  located in the heart of the Arts District and it is  hosted by influential art activists of our community. Not mention the fee to participate is extremely reasonable. Good Luck! See you there.

Show Date: April 14, 2012

Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

 Location: Mid Town Miami, 110 NE 36 St., Miami, FL 33137

PhilanthroFest is now accepting applications for exhibiting artists.

All forms and styles of art are considered.

There is NO fee to apply.

PhilanthroFest is a large outdoor tented festival celebrating and promoting philanthropy in south Florida produced by Life Is Art and Miami Crawls.
Show Info:

The art show takes place under a large tent. All artists will be in the same area.

Each artist receives an approximately 6’x8′ space to display their works.

Site Fee: $50.00 per artist space. (thats s super reasonable everyone!)

There is NO sales fee, but if you would like to donate a portion of any sales to PhilanthroFest, that would be wonderful.

Each space comes with a 6′ table and one chair. No other display materials will be supplied with the space. Artists must bring their own displays and installation materials. This includes easels, walls, etc.

Artists are encouraged to be creative in the set up of their installations, but all spaces must be returned in the form they were found or a cleaning fee will be assessed to the artist.

Artists handle all their own sales.

Artists must be able to install their own art, or bring personnel to do so.

Artists are encouraged, but not required, to be in occupation of their space during the hours of the show. If the artist is not available, an artist representative must be onsite at all times.

After the event concludes, art must be removed by the deadline or a transportation and storage fee will be assessed.

Set up will be Saturday morning prior to the event. Take down will be Saturday night after the event

Call Info:

Artists will be notified by March 31st whether they have been chosen.

Site fee due upon confirmation.

Notification will be via EMAIL, so be sure to check your email regularly.

This is a Juried show.

Please note, this is a fine art show, craftspeople should apply as vendors.

All artists must have primary residence in Southeast Florida.

Fill out the form below and hit the [Send] button

Include a short summary artist statement and biography with CV highlights.

Note that this is a non-themed show. Any art format is considered. Art that celebrates philanthropy or helping others is encouraged.

Include 3 images that you will be showing at the event. Upload via the form below. For each image, include the following information: Title, Size, Year, Price

Please keep all files under 1 MB in size.

All images and clips remain the the property of the artist and may only be used for promotional purposes by PhilanthroFest, Life Is Art or Miami Crawls if the artist is selected.

Artists will be notified no later than March 31, 2012 if they have been selected for the event.

There is no fee to apply.

Should you be accepted, set up and take down instructions will be supplied with your acceptance letter.

via PhilanthroFest.


  1. Debbie Sampson says:

    I would like to apply for this show, I have been showing my work at many fine art shows, museums and galleries all over the country. My work is oil on canvas using the paint to show movement and the excitement of sports and the horse-racing industry along with pencil/graphite on board showing detail on my subjects. Please visit my website at to view my work and my bio. For any other questions please call at 954-253-0339.
    Debbie Sampson
    Hollywood, Florida.

    1. Art of Miami says:

      Absolutely. Go to the link!

  2. Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez says:

    I have been trying to submit my application on the link but for some reason it doesn’t want to send. is there an email I can by any chance send the information to please let me know thank you.

    1. Art of Miami says:

      message them on FB

  3. Ali says:

    Hey there, is it too late to be approved for the show this Saturday ?

    1. Art of Miami says:

      believe so. try any way u have nothing to loose

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