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holi phagwah festival miami

miami indian people with powdered colors on facePhagwah Festival of Colors Miami

While Calle Ocho was in full gear for another year, in the other side of town another yearly festival was taken place. It was just as festive, just as fun, had the great ethinic food as does Calle Ocho, but it was way more colorful. Phagwah 2012 welcomed the spring with adults and children becoming a like for a memorial moment for all. Phagwah is the most colorful festival I have ever participated in. To explain, Phagwah or Holi is an Indian/Hindi festival that welcomes everyone to spring by encouraging the dusting of colors. As a symbolic show of gesture, one must greet each other with a hug, kiss and a generous amount of color to bring in the spring.

While this festival is rooted on religion, the has some what dissolved into a social gathering among for our Indian community. Here is where tradition is embrace and hopefully passed on to generations to come. Among the crowds of smiles and laughter, there were still some somber faces, melancholy of a time that was. There is nothing to be sad about, Phagwah is still here , maybe not as some remember it to be, but as it was meant to be. Phagwah is the passing of the baton and always will be. Thanks to Arya Samaj of Miami for putting it together. will be there next year.


bay dancing at miami phagwah

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