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For those of you that participated in the iPhoneography exhibition, on view this Saturday at The Lunch Box Gallery, check out this cool app by iPhone. I might be late to it but so were many of you. The iPhoto for the iOS could have given you the upper hand in the exhibit. Sure beats instagram effects or anything else out there. Then again it is not free. point taken. Well is not if you are contributing this weekend  to BeachedMiami’s InstaArtwalk” community call for “instagramers.” Cheat a little with the iPhoto app for your iPhone.

There’s so much power built into iPhoto for iOS, you need to touch it to believe it. Using only your fingers, you can make a blue sky bluer. A landscape greener. Or a smile brighter. From the moment you touch the screen, the way you see things will never be the same.

Get iPhoto from the App Store

for $4.99

via Apple 

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