COCONUT GROVE -VS- ART WYNWOOD had the pleasure of taking part in both Art Festivals this weekend, The Coconut Grove Arts Festival and Art-Wynwood. It was interesting the similarities that both festivals had. And of course differences as well. We first went the Coconut Grove Arts Festival which started with a nice 70 degrees morning but then quickly progressed to a muggy 85. We were first welcomed by the friendliness of Channel 6 personality Roxanne Vargas. What a nice and welcoming gal. As we mingled with artists the consensis was that business was slow. By mid after noon it was Art Wynwood time. Key advantages between both festivals is as follows: For actual contact with artist, it’s the Coconut Grove Arts festival. All the representatives at Art-Wynwood are just as friendly but the presence of actual artists was not there at all. (except for the VIP preview on thursday) The personal touch should be part of the festival. For pricing , Art Wynwood had surprisingly reasonable prices from artists with outstanding craftsmanship. While at CGAF festival, one can find similar art for a lesser price, in some cases the craftsmanship is compromised. As you can see in the image entitled Abstract Segmentation.You like that term huh? Came up with it all by myself. Umm, how about the  VIP areas? NO comment, images speak for themselves! Friendliness: I was surprised how friendly was the staff  at Art-Wynwood. Since it was an event catered to the upper class, I was quick to assume (you know what they say about people who ass-U-me) that galleries would be only willing to converse with serious buyers. However everyone was very friendly. Specially the staff at Leslie Gallery of the Netherlands and Miami’s own Unix Fine Art. Which one is more appropriate for kids? You would be surprised at this but giving children complain about the hot weather I would have to give this one to the AC controlled environment at Art-Wynwood. Also I was expecting more edgy art inappropriate for children at Art-Wynwood. However children were having a blasts, specifically at the booths of Bernice Steinbaum and NOW Contemporary Art. When it comes to food selection: CGAF had a Culinary Pavilion and a host of fair like eateries that catered to the taste of everyone. Damn does Gyros were good! Yes, Gyros in plural form. So which festival/event was better?Its like comparing Apples and Oranges! Or comparing Coconuts and Wood! Or comparing Corndogs and Croissants. Anyway, they both had some advantages and disadvantages. And in a light-hearted approach we have put together this image roll for viewers to compare, contrast and judge for themselves. Oh, we added our opinion as well. Enjoy!!

coconut grove arts festival -vs- art wynwood 2012

For the names of the artists featured in the image roll view gallery in the following link : Coconut Grove Arts Festival or Art Wynwood

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