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Best of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival 2012

Coconut Grove Arts Festival, fish with man hands and baby face
Coconut Grove Arts Festival, dress armor and florida sunset paitning John Petrey  | April W.Davis
Coconut Grove Arts Festival 2012 Michael Gard | Alan Feldmesser | Tim Peters

The weather was great and the artists were friendly and so much so was NBC Channel 6’s Roxanne Vargas. This years Coconut Grove Arts Festival was better than ever. At least for the quality of art that is. Wether it was a good weekend for artists in terms of sales? We have yet to know. But you still have one more day to take it all in and purchase some of these outstanding works of art. Tune in tomorrow when we will make a friendly comparison between the to art exhibits that went on this weekend Miami, The Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the inaugural launch of Art-Wynwood.

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  1. Carlos Eduardo Garcia M says:

    Hello, we want to participate in the next shows…can you send to us more information for the Artists Participations and Gallerys…thanks you.

    Carlos E. Garcia M.

    – Executive Director –…thanks you!

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