Reminder that this weekend will be the famous Coconut Grove Arts Festival and it seems like the weather is going to be beautiful just like last year’s. This year a handful of artists from  Miami will be representing our city. So go show your support. Leading the pack I would say is Tony Mendoza’s vibrant pop art of the Cuban/Miami lifestyle. Paul Marcellini’s dramatic photography. And Federico Carosio’s picturesque renderings of some of Miami most scenic roads..


cuban casanovaTony Mendoza is in booth 392. Tony Mendoza  is a Cuban-American artist with a studio in Miami, Florida. Mendoza’s style is Primitive Expressionist and “Caricaturista,” a type of art that is whimsical in nature. Mendoza works mainly with acrylic on canvas.
Mendoza was born in New York to Cuban-born parents, but raised in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. “Mendoza’s simple and colorful paintings uniquely capture the spirit and vibrancy of Miami with a unique style and a great sense of humor.”Much of his work centers on the daily life of Little Havana, “the cradle of Cuban culture in Miami.”
Mendoza is known for colorful, larger-than-life murals that have become Miami landmarks, “breathing new life into older buildings and creating unique tourist attractions.”The murals have been used as a backdrop for TV and print advertising, including a popular television advertisement for the Ford Motor Company. Thousands of tourists have taken photographs in front of one of Mendoza’s many murals in Miami.
Mendoza has exhibited his paintings at galleries and shows throughout Florida. His artwork has been featured in the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Cigar Snob Magazine, Vanidades, Cigar City Magazine, and Selecta Magazine. Mendoza also made an appearance on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series “Postcards from Buster.” Mendoza is the winner of the “2007 Arte de América Hispana Competition.”[profile via wikipedia] Pictures via artists website. Check out more of artists work at

painting of coral way canopy road miamiFederico Carosio III will be in booth 307. 

Federico is a staple of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, with his ever so popular renderings of Miami’s scenic roads such as Old Cutler Road and Coral wayFederico Carosio IIIis a self-taught artist whose work captures the intense light and rich colors of South Florida like no photograph can.

Carosio’s eye for detail can be seen in the photo-realism of his early pop-art paintings, while his abstracts and sculptures reflect the bold colors of his native Colombia. But it is his landscapes and streetscapes (acrylic on canvas) that have made him one of South Florida’s most celebrated and successful painters.

From the sun-drenched beaches of Key West and Miami Beach to the tree-shaded streets of Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, Carosio’s beautifully detailed paintings bring to life the region’s lush tropical splendor.

Paul Marcellini booth 279

“I bought my first camera, a Canon 20d in the summer of 2005 and have been shooting constantly ever since. I am drawn to dramatic light and moody images. Braving mosquitoes, snakes, and alligators, I search out the unspoiled scenes of Wild Florida. I have been fortunate to see the many things I have and hope I capture them in a way that best translates their beauty to the viewer. The Everglades is my backyard and I love tromping around, if you have any questions on the South Florida ecosystem, don’t hesitate to ask.” -Paul Marcellini



mangos at the coconut grove arts festival

Jaqueline Roch is in booth 188

Roch ’s pastels can best be described as intense. Color and contrast play an integral part in her work. Her subject matter reflects the unique environment of south florida. Roch’s early training in traditional oil painting has directly influenced her use of pastels. Unlike other artists, Jacqueline’s pastels are more painting than drawing. layering pastels to create complex colors, she is able to achieve a quality reminiscent of oil painting.

Most recently she was commissioned by Carnival Cruise Lines for the cabin artwork of the new Carnival Cruise Ship Magic. Roch was also selected as the poster artist for the 2009 coconut grove arts festival, the number one art festival in the country.The poster went on to win the festival several first-time awards as part of the International Festival and Events Association(IFEA)


salsa dancing painting Marcy Grosso booth 81.

Grosso’s work has steadily earned increasing appreciation as a bold and sumptuous expression of South Florida life and culture. Her paintings have been exhibited in prestigious art shows including the Coconut Grove Art Festival, Art Expo Las Vegas, the Beaux Art Festival and Carnaval on the Mile, Coral Gables. Her many honors and distinctions include a commission by Bank United to create the official Town of Miami Lakes poster. She designed the official 2004 South Miami Festival poster, and the Taste of Miami Lakes poster 2010.

cuban abstract miami artistJulio Bordas in booth 91.

Bordas uses the interaction of spaces, forms, colors and textures in free flowing movement, creating a painting that invites the viewer to form their own emotional interpretations and feelings. His abstracts and contemporary works reflect the influence, guidance and advice of Cuban Master Baruj Salinas.


caribbean tropical roses painting


 George Rodez in booth 326

Rodez is a self-taught artist whose strength is his diversity, allowing himself the freedom to create multiple bodies of work, each vastly different from the other. In his experiences with his mother’s mental illness, including multiple personalities, Rodez observed that each personality had a different strength and function, each serving a unique purpose. Rodez has taken that lesson and incorporated it into his art, with each body of work providing him different experiences and allowing all his personalities to show through. Rodez insists that an artist must explore the infinite possibilities with which he is presented, and is compelled to use his artistic creativity to the maximum potential, never giving in to stagnation. He believes that as human beings, we are all very complex in our own unique way and we should share with others our many characteristics and emotions. He states that to live life is to feel all of these emotions and we should use them as tools to help us live a fuller, richer and more complete life. Rodez lives through his paintings in this very same fashion.


pink pear made of woodLuis Gonzalez is in booth 4

Each particular hand crafted fruit and base is unique. All pieces are created utilizing solid “Urapan” (Flaxinus chinensis ), and a mixture of vibrantly rich colors, which are implemented during the art of staining the sculptured wood.

All fruits feature a variation in distinguishable sizes and styles. They are available in 4 sizes: junior (approx 3” high), natural (regular fruit size), giant (approx 7” high) and mega (approx 12″-14″). Stem and leaf are also featured in wood, which supplement the natural appearance of the fruit. Each size may be accented with stem and leaf in pewter, which offer an elegant alternative.

Our selection of bases and trays offer a wide variety of options in which fruits may be gracefully displayed. Every piece is sold separately so you can mix and match you selection according to your particular taste. There is not right or wrong combination. If you purchase a set or an individual fruit, we guaranteed you that the colors and particular style will brighten up your home.



royal green necklace


AdrienneGaskell is in booth 72

Fusing traditional and ancient jewelry construction techniques to create designs with an emphasis on a professional finish. Needle weaving with delicate glass beads forms the foundation for my art jewelry, color and texture are my passion. My jewelry designs are created using a mix of glass and metal beads, genuine precious stones, Swarovski® crystals, cultured pearls and other organic materials.




Dan Bondroff in booth 150

“In my paintings, I try to tell the story of what I have seen. Rather than just painting a nice scene, I create an image that allows people to share my experience. I create this experience by using strong directional stokes and controlling the temperature of the colors used.

I see my paintings like a movie director sees the characters in his/her films. Most films have a strong lead character, supporting roles, and extras. In many of my paintings, nature is the strong lead character, while man made objects usually take the supporting role.

Most of my work has explored the relationship between man and nature. I enjoy exploring our overlooked environment. The things we take for granted are sometimes the most beautiful if we take a moment to notice them.”

-Dan Bondroff

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