romero britto paper mache snakeROMERO BRITTO ART LESSON

romero britto paper mache snake

Romero Brito Inspired Paper Mache Snake

How to create a Romero Britto sculpture out of paper mache? Romero Britto is one of the most iconic artist in South Florida. His art decorates and brings life to many parts of our city. So in celebration of his art we have developed an art project that it’s fairly easy and fun. For you art teachers out there, this lesson we recommend for children 4th grade or above.
MATERIALS: masking tape, glue, newspaper, sculpture wire, gesso, acrylic paint, foamy board, hot glue gun




1. Cut 1 yard of sculpture wire and mold to shape desired. Use masking tape as needed







2. Pre mix glue and water to the consistency of melted ice cream. Store in a wide enough container to allow for dipping of newspaper strips. This will be your solution for the paper mache. Before applying paper mache, use pre cut strips of newspaper to wrap the wire sculpture. The masking tape will be used to hold the strips together. After this pre-requisite, then you may paper mache the sculpture by tipping the strip in the glue solution and layering the sculpture in a systematically. (meaning don’t just wrap the thing quickly and messy) Take your time this part is fun and relaxing. Put some music on. I’m personally listening to Snoop Dog as I’m typing this.



3. Allow for a day to dry and then apply gesso to it before you go to color paint. Paint with the iconic patterns that characterized the Neo-pop art of Miami-based artist Romero Britto. These range from circles to stripes and what seem to be division signs. The final touch is to add the bold black contour typical of Britto’s sculptures. Just cut trips of foamy board about 1/8″ and hot glue it along the contour of your snake.

This is a great project for one’s personal enjoyment. On a personal level, creating this lesson brought much-needed appreciation for the art of Miami-based artist Romero Britto. For inspiration visit Enjoy!!!

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