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I first saw this comparison a few months ago of the transformation our city has gone through. In 1998 I was attending college in downtown. My form of transportation back the was the Metrorail which cut through Brickel and then elevates to Downtown for its grand approach. When I would finally arrive at Downtown Miami I would glance at the empty parking lots and think of the potential this city had for an incredible skyline, if those were filled. I still think we have a lot to go in our city planning but man this side by side illustrates that we have come a long way. In the words of former Miami City Commissioner “I’m going to bet you that when we’re done — I don’t know when that will be — historians will identify this as the most significant and rapid transformation of an American city.” credit to SFDB and for posting this.

Miami Skyline 1998

Miami Skyline 2011

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