CHRISTOPHER JANNEYCOLORFUL WALKWAY AT MIAMI AIRPORT BY CHRISTOPHER JANNEYChristopher Janney revamps the skybridge at MIA with a gorgeous rainbow colored pathway entitled “Harmonic convergence.” A few years ago many were impressed with Christopher Janney’s first colorful attempt in decorating this section of MIA,“Harmonic Runway.” Some didn’t think much of it until it was removed. Then, like always, you never know what you are missing ’till is gone. People all over local forums in different Blog’s were asking “what happened to the colorful installation that welcomed and fared good-bye to passengers for years?” Well it was in the process of being replaced by an even more stunning installation by the same artist. And this time he hit over the park.COLORFUL WALKWAY AT MIAMI AIRPORT BY CHRISTOPHER JANNEY

The exact location of “Harmonic Convergence” is a the passenger connector at the new entrance to the airport from the “MIA MOVER” APM System connecting the airport to a new rental car terminal. The pattern of glass is composed of colors similar to the original color sequence of “Harmonic Runway.” The color pattern of the glass mimics the existing “X-bracing” 45 degree-angle pattern on the cross walk, with color diamonds in a 24″ x 24″size. To catch it in its best, in my opinion, you must go during the late after noons when the sun rays are coming from the west in such an angle it projects the patterns onto the floor as you see in the picture. Janney’s art incorporates sound as a medium as well. Passengers walking by trigger sounds of South Florida: distant thunder storms, sounds of the Everglades and other natural environments indigenous to our area, creating a “sonic portrait” of South Florida.”  The end result is breathtaking!! Ps: a few posts back a posted “5 Artists Obsessed with Color Like Miami’s Jen Stark” well at Janney to the list.

“(Harmonic Convergence) serves as the ceremonial entrance into and out of the airport proper. To that end, this space “announces” the entrance to the larger airport arrival/departure environment.” -Christopher Janney

Check out Christopher Janney’s website at www.janneysound.com

Pictures by Robin Hill

via Designboom.com

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