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kawaii universe streetKawaii is the Japanese translation of “cute.” I stumbled upon Kawaii “cute” Universe gallery as I was doing some fieldwork about the Wynwood Walls. As I admired the Kawaii styled mural outside of the gallery, I then decided to step inside. Walking in I could immediately tell that the person responsible  is obsessed with the Kawaii style, the word universe for the shop is quite descriptive. And I mean that in a good way. The obsession factor is a common denominator among all extraordinary artists. These “it” artists are consumed with one concept and then take the idea all the way to fruition, without rest. A great example is dramatized in the movie The Social Network where Mark Zuckerberg’s character stays up all night vigorously hard coding the framework of what would then be Facebook. I wanted to meet the artist. Scouring around for some one who some what fit the description I approached her. After brief conversation this person asked me if a would like to meet the artist. “You are not it,” I thought to myself. I waited patiently.To my surprise the artist responsible for the massive collection of hand crafted Kawaii art was a petite young lady no older than maybe 23 and as adorable as the Kawaii characters she creates. However, she had the gusto of a “go getter.” She happily shared insights to her creativity. She explained how she likes to add a personal touch to her art by hand cutting her Kawaii Art. I was skeptical about her claim but she proved me wrong. She shared with me that she saves all cut out scraps, incase the authenticity of her hand cut art ever comes under scrutiny. “I have a huge pile of scraps that I refuse to throw away,” she shared. That reminded me of Jen Starks piece “How to Become a millionaire in 100 days.” Anyway, after closer inspection, it is true she does hand cut all her pieces. Valentina, the creator of Kawaii Universe, works and displays out of her gallery space in the heart of the Wynwood Art District. NW 24st and 2nd ave.

kawaii stickers miami artist

“My Art is inspired by a synthesis of Classical Realism, Japanese-inspired Minimalism pursuit of perfection with undertones of math and science, with a twist of cute!” –Valentina

Valentina’s is a local Miami-based artist. She attended DASH, a prestigious magnet highschool here in Miami. Her award-winning works are colorful vinyls she makes one by one, and function as 2D toys that are highly collectible, interactive, reusable, educational, and pure, happy-making fun. Portable pop art I would describe it! She a local raised talent so lets support her.

miami stickers

Check out her work at the following future events and expos

• Kawaii Universe @ Wynwood Art / Gallery Walk – R.S.V.P. on Facebook!

Kawaii Universe Art Studio – Wynwood Arts District, Miami, FL (Ongoing)

Every 2nd Saturday of the Month

• Kawaii Universe @ MegaConvention 2012 – R.S.V.P. on Facebook!

Indy Press Section Booths #17-18th Orange County Convention Center – Orlando, FL.

February 17th-19 2012Miami Dade Fair and Exposition Center

March 17th – April 2012

Also you can also admire her Kawai Art @


and  @ Etsy: or just go to Wynwood on the next 2nd Saturday Art Walk and look for a gallery that looks like this:



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