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You know we are a fan of the Wynwood Walls. Here is a video preview of episode 2 of Here Come the Neighborhood. This series of videography in my opinion are documenting history in the making, of how Miami took steps back in the early 2000’s to mark itself as the Art Capitol of the Americas.One of those steps, was risky one by Tony Goldman who invested in the crime ridden Wynwood neighborhood with his vision of  Murals to be enjoyed by all.  What began with a series of parking lots, loading docks, and drab rundown factory buildings, became a curation of high caliber murals from Futura, Shepard Fairey, OS Gemeos, Kenny Scharf and others. The Walls opened for Art Basel 2009, and now two years later the collection has expanded to include over thirty artists from around the world, becoming a “Town Center” in a district that has grown into one of the largest concentrations of commissioned murals in the World.

IN THIS EPISODE: Having just graduated from art school this year, Gaia is the youngest artist to join the Wynwood Walls. For the Wynwood Doors, a portrait gallery of murals within the collection, Gaia painted a mural of Henry Flagler, the powerful oil and railroad tycoon who is responsible for modern-day Florida. With this, he continues a practice of implanting modernist figures into landscapes that they have drastically changed for better or worse.

Featured Music: “Sleeptalk” & “Cross” by Papertwin

For more info on Gaia visit (http://gaiastreetart.com/)

visit: HCTN


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