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BaselMeet Instagram Meet-Up During Art Basel Week 2015 Dec.5th

BaselMeet 2 art basel event

BaselMeet Instagram Meet-Up During Art Basel Week 2015 Dec.5th

BaselMeet Instagram community event is back for a second year. This time taking place in one of Miami’s most photogenic neighborhoods, the Miami Design District. BaselMeet Instagram meet up and photowalk is the event for the Instagram community to participate in all of the Art Basel Week festivities.

The Design District is going to be full of photo opportunities as the city gets dressed up for Art Basel Week. Out of the many Art Basel related events taking place in Miami, this one is just for us! (The IG community and your friends) Spread the word around. Instagram will have their eyes on Miami that weekend so be creative and let’s impress them using the hashtags #BaselMeet and #ArtBasel2015

Meeting point is at the Fall in Miami installation by Paula Crown on NE 39st and NE 1st Ave.  ( <— click for Google Maps ) From there we will take a photowalk thru some highlights of Miami Design District.

Check out pics from Last years BaselMeet2014


Real Fall Leaves Come to Miami Courtesy of Artist Paula Crown

Paula Crown "Fall In Miami " pic by Rob Hill

Paula Crown “Fall In Miami ” pic by Rob Hill

Real Fall Leaves Come to Miami Courtesy of Artist Paula Crown

This weekend we was doing some research for our annual photowalk, this year being at the Design District. Suddenly, the most picturesque photo location was revealed in plain sight. Red, yellow and orange fall colors where scattered all over the corner of NE 39th street and NE 1st street with real fall leaves. A quick interview with the young volunteers that were recreating the Fall in Miami installation led me to the artist and co-creator Paula Crown. Paula Crown is an artist from Chicago shipped over 900 pounds of treated Oak foliage to the Miami Design District to give us a taste of what “real” Fall feels like.
Fall in Miami by Paula Crown pic by Harold Rosario

This injection of autumnal color at the corner of NE 39th St and NE 1st Ave was a playful intervention by the artist. Residents and visitors are encouraged to embrace the transposed charms of a northern clime and the changing of the seasons in southern Florida. Special thanks to all the students and the administrators from Design Architecture Senior High who helped make the project possible. This is a definite stop during Miami Art Week and a will do stop during BaselMeet 2, December 5th at 12pm. Follow us on Instagram for more details.

Picture below by Harold Rosario for ArtofMiami.com all rights reserved

IMG_5528IMG_5539 IMG_5535 Fall in Miami by Paula Crown pic by Harold Rosario

Fall in Miami by Paula Crown pic by Harold Rosario Fall in Miami by Paula Crown pic by Harold Rosario

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Kiki Valdes x MDPLS Opening Reception November 21st

kiki valdes miami artKiki Valdes x MDPLS Opening Reception November 21st

This Saturday November 21st, Miami artist Kiki Valdes will be exhibiting his latest work at he Main Library lobby in Downtown Miami. A succession of new paintings by Kiki Valdes created on site through the Miami-Dade Public Library’s artist pop‑up studio program. The vitality of the large works on view will highlight the painter’s proficiency with materials and surface. Valdes uses a familiar cartoon sensibility in his mark making that is honest in its wistfulness with semi‑abstractions and metaphorical settings.

Kiki Valdes was born in Miami, FL in 1981. He attended The Maryland Institute College of Art where he majored in painting. He has his work in various collections around the country and abroad. Last year Valdes had a one man show at The National Arts Club in Gramercy Park, sharing the season exhibition catalog with such artists as Edvard Munch and Ilya & Emilia Kabakov. Read the rest of this entry »

Wynwood’s Exhibit of the Month November 2015

keith haring in wynwoodWynwood Exhibit of the Month November 2015

This month’s exhibit of the month goes to Gregg SheinHaum Gallery who is doing a solo show of the iconic 80’s pop artist Keith Haring. The exhibit, entitled Narrated,  includes works from 1982 through 1990. This show is not to be missed.

Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art

2239 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33127




A selection of works from 1982-1990


Opening night on Thrusday, November 12

From 6.00 pm

Keith Haring was and remains an irreplaceable symbol of the freedom that ate metropolitan streets and drank the night air of that wonderfully accursed place, the East Village.  His art work has a marvelous capacity to convey the spiritual anarchy of an artist outside the normal confines.  Haring has become the one most loved artists by the younger generations on every continent.  He has gained an indefinable number of admirers who can be found everywhere, whether among the ranks of the wealthy and middle class, or on the impersonal edges of our cities, where walls and graffiti form the open air salon of the young.  It is sobering to reflect the extent to which an artist, year after year, is able to exert an influence on the culture of vast numbers of people.

Haring was shaped by the street spirit of an overflowing and uncontrollable phenomenon of the eighties, know as “Street Art”.   However, it is important to look at Haring’s whole body of work, and not just his graffiti work.   Keith Haring seems to have been the spokesman for a “political” art with a powerful capacity for communication.  His paintings on canvas, chalk drawings on black paper, and his graphic works were to become a far more subtle means of communication than the sledgehammer methods of graffiti on a grand scale.

Effortless, but also in the depth of its own signs, brought to the highest degree of formal childishness, Haring’s work shows how synthesis is not just the beginning, but also the endpoint of any progressive evolution.  Beyond the aesthetic style, beats and throbs the morality of the artist, ready to attack the eyes, the heart, and the head of every observer.

The messages are easy to decode, but have behind them, a long path of ethical development that has endowed their contents with great structural force.  Frenzied consumption, global dehumanization of the human race, increasing levels of pollution, sexual prohibitions, prejudice against homosexuals, and social phobias amidst systematic automatisms and robotisms, are just a few of the many messages that Keith Haring’s art works deals with.

The genius of his artwork not only lies in the messages, but also in the brilliant manner in which Haring tackled these risky subjects.  The emergence of animals at the center of new and universal concepts of purity, children who find their way to the hub of the metropolitan scene, symbolic pyramids, cheerful pregnancies, flying angels, amorous couplings, these are just some of the images that Keith Haring’s whole course of development has clung to this double track of themes, that his irony turns into a single, pictorial body where gaiety and softness becomes the radiant surface of a complex body of work.



Miami Skyline Gets Synced with Music from 11/10-11/14


Miami Skyline Synced with Music from 11/10-11/14

This week pay close attention to the Miami Skyline as it gets synced with Music. The 364 sq. ft. facade and digital canvas along the the side of the Inter-Continental Hotel will be displaying totally new animations with musical compositions that can be heard thru the Newt App. “Newt Miami: Experiments in Light, Color & Sound is a public art installation in Downtown Miami transforming the 19-story LED wall of the InterContinental Hotel into a digital canvas for performative architecture.” Project Newt.

Check out a map showcasing the perfect locations to watch the show here.

Creative Fashion Made with McDonald’s Product by Miami International University of Art and Design

Mc DOnald's FashionCreative Fashion Made with McDonald’s Product by Miami International University of Art and Design

Students from Miami International University of Art and Design collaborated with local McDonald’s restaurant franchisees to create fashion made of entirely McDonald’s products. We are talking  4,600 McDonald’s sandwich wrappers, 1,770 fry boxes, 1,100 straws, 600 to-go bags, 500 sandwich boxes, 200 soft drink cups, 500 ketchup holders, and 100 McFlurry. Of course  there were some designs not so worthy, but the overall show was inspiring and brought pride to this fellow alumni. Being an artist myself I can appreciate art made with a limiting medium. These students overcame this huge obstacles and succeeded, the evidence is in the results. One more note, proceeds from the fashion show will go to the Ronald McDonald’s House. Congrats  to the students at Miami International University of Art and Design for their inspiring creations. Check the video recap of the Runway Show. video by The305.com

South Beach Food Tour Blogger Event and PhotoWalk (Pics and Video)

Annie Vasquez aka The Fashion Poet taking with our tour guide

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Meet Key West Artist Adam Russell

Public Art by Key West artist Adam Russel

Public Art by Key West artist Adam Russel

Adam Russell Artist Statement

“I think of my artworks as an echo of the earliest expression.  An echo expands through time to fill the space it travels into.  And from this time and space, I want to have a hand in the continuingauthorship of a symbolist cosmology — like those poetic artifacts of an ancient day.  

In our unique technological present, global connectivity lets us hear many echoes of our human past as they influence and inform the rhythms of now.

I like to describe my work in these terms as a ‘visual hip hop’, a decidedly postmodern blending of influences that I use to describe timeless aspects of my experience– an ancient continuity.  Under that banner, I heavily reference art history and utilize ancient aesthetic in combination to describe a contemporary perspective.  This process is the pursuit of a sincere expression and great love for our diverse cultural history.

 I like to ease into a larger narrative about discovering modern culture using a design sense, color palette and levity that allows an audience to simply enjoy the work, hopefully as much as I do.”

– Adam Russell
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My Memorable Lincoln MKX Experience

The new Lincoln MKX pic taken in Krome Avenue

The new Lincoln MKX pic taken in Krome Avenue

Tourist With In Our Own City.

Last weekend we had the new Lincoln MKX for a weekend test drive, courtesy  of the Lincoln Motor Co. My goal with the loan was  to take a tour of Miami and be a tourist in my own city. Also, to drive around town to cover all the top photography and  tourist destination Miami (my city) has to offer.  I took my two 8 year old nieces with me and even though the rainy weather did not cooperate with my plans, the experience driving the beautiful MKX was ever so memorable.

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Wynwood Exhibit of the Month for Art Walk – October 2015

Sonni pic Courtesy of Wyn317

Sonni pic Courtesy of Wyn317

Wynwood Exhibit of the Month for Art Walk – October 2015

This month  we chose Wyn317 gallery as the Exhibit of the Month for Art Walk. Wn317 Gallery is having a solo exhibit of internationally renown street artist Sonni. The artist Sonni is a New York City based artist with a broad appeal and a distinguishable color palette. “In his art, he is constantly searching for that lost moment in adolescence where adventure makes dreams a reality, where the imagination and playing develop invisible forces to re-capture those lost memories from your childhood. He works with different mediums that include paper and pencil, illustrator, acrylic on canvas, and wooden sculptures. Yet, his passion is to paint murals in public spaces, finding that dialogue with the public through primary colors and playfulness!” artist’s bio. For having such a high-caliber artist showing this month at Wynwood, gallery Wyn 317 in this month’s best exhibit.


167 NW 25 ST,

Miami, FL 33127.

view past Exhibit of the Months Here

Sonni pic Courtesy of Wyn317

Sonni pic Courtesy of Wyn317

Sonni pic Courtesy of Wyn317

Sonni pic Courtesy of Wyn317


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