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Must Know Before You Go to Universal’s Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay tip and trick in 4kMust Know Before You Go to Universal’s Volcano Bay

Something You might not know and its imperative in order to get in the park or have a good time is that the park actually opens at 8 am. The trick to getting into Volcano Bay is to get their super early. It says the park opens at 9am but it actually opens a 8am. The rides do not start working till 9am. This is something most people don’t know. We got there at 7am and a line was already formed. We finally got thru and it was so much fun. Also buy your ticket ahead of time. You can go the day before like we did or use their app. Here is a link. 

Our Experience at Universal’s Volcano Bay- A Horrible Experience Turned Good

Volcano Bay is the new theme park by Universal Studios in Orlando. Its a Polynesian themed water park located in what used to be Wet n Wild. We went there on the busiest time of the year, July 4th. Not only are all the kiddos out for the summer but so are their parents for Independence Day Weekend.

Our very first experience at Volcano Bay was horrible! We got their at 3pm and could not ride any of the rides because of the non stop rain. We were totally bummed out, specially since the ticket clearly stated “no refunds.” After  lots of  nagging from my wife to customer service and beg for a refund, I finally went and gave it a try with low hopes in mind. To my surprise Volcano Bay gave us a complimentary pass to come again when ever we chose and even gave us our parking for FREE. We were so happy to see them have some compassion for our situation.

Taking the advice of one of the employees we came back the next day at 7 am. The park Opens at park rides start at 9 am but the park opens at 8. When we got to Volcano Bay, the security line was already huge! Took us about 30 minutes to make it to the buses.  And after waiting for another 30 minutes for some beach chairs, we were on our way to some Family Fun.

Things we loved.

First of all the no wait system they have is very efficient and organized; we had no hassle even with he busy holiday. The rides are great to bond as a family as most of them are 4 to 6 seaters. Our favorite one was Krakatau, a 4 seater inflatable canoe that propels you up and down and through the 200 foot Volcano at the Park. But lastly we all agreed that it is underpriced for what you get. I mean the rides are much more fun then Disney World, which we had went the day before. You get to ride more rides than at other theme parks because of the no wait system. You also get to beat the Florida heat, which is nothing to play with in July,

Volcano Bay was an awesome park, affordable and fun for the family. When we got home got and woke up the next day, we spend the entire day chatting about our experience, reminiscing  and reliving the fun we had.

Like always, all my opinions are my own. We were not paid or compensated by anyone for the content of this post. Hope you go to Volcano Bay!

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Check out this recap Video of our time at Volcano Bay.

One of the Most Beautiful Things You’ll ever See. Disney’s Frozen Laser Show & Fire works.

Disney Frozen Laser Show 2017 copyOne of the Most Beautiful Things You’ll ever See. Disney’s Frozen Laser Show & Fire works.

We “camped out” for 3 hours at the Main Street Station balcony to have a perfect symmetrical view of the Disney fireworks. We recommend this spot to see the Disney fireworks on 4th of July. The fireworks show at Disney was amazing. After the show, everyone started to leave the park. But we stayed to get one last look at Cinderella’s castle. To our surprise, Disney dimmed the lights to begin their laser and cinema projection show. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. The Frozen segment in particular gave me goosebumps! Here it is in 4K shot on  a Sony a6500.  Enjoy.


Secret Spot for Scenic Pictures in Miami

Secret Photo Spot Miami-2

Secret Spot to Scenic Pictures in Miami

Just found this spot for taking really unique pictures in Miami. It’s great for portrait photography with a small budget but have the look of having traveled to an exotic location. Located about 30 minutes from Downtown Miami, The Secret Garden is a lush outdoor studio that makes pictures extraordinary. We had a FREE tour of the property and these reconnaissance photos of the property. Below is the address to the Secret Garden but note that outside its Labeled The Coral Garden so be careful to not get confused like we did. Check out some of the pictures we took at this exotic location just minutes from Miami.

More pix press button Below.

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Inter-PhotoView with Miami Make up Artist SandMuffin

model and freedom tower

Inter-PhotoView with Miami Make up Artist SandMuffin

If you haven’t met one of Miami’s most talented make-up artist, Sandy Tang, take the time now. We had the pleasure of Photo Interviewing Sandy Tang aka Sand Muffin. We got to see personally her flawless cosmetic skills. See for your self in these pics we took in Downtown Miami. Also to look at make up artist Sandy Tang’s more creative works, see her  on Instagram at @SandMuffin.  All photo by Harold Rosario.

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Yoga Artist “Bombs” the Beautiful City of Miami

Pablo Milian Performance Art at Bay Front Park pic by Harold Rosario
Yoga Artist “Bombs” the Beautiful City of Miami

Founder of Wynwood Tony Goldman once said that real estate was his away of saying “I was Here” to future generations long after his death. “Bombing” is a term used in the graffiti world for the act of leaving your mark across the city. Yoga Artist, Pablo Milian has found a unique and personal way of leaving his mark around the city of Miami. He doesn’t spray paint walls rather places himself in graceful Yoga inspired acrobatic poses all across the city and captures the moment in photos. From scenic backgrounds to architectural structures, the next interesting location for an acrobatic photo is always a brainstorm in his mind.  We had the pleasure of meeting up with Pablo and capturing him in action. We sent ArtofMiami.com’s own Miami Photographer Harold Rosario to collaborate with Pablo and the photos were amazing. Take a look below at some cutting edge photos of Pablo Milian at some unique places in our city of Miami. For more photo of the Pablos acrobatic and yoga artistry click here for his Instagram.

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Most Scenic Restaurant in Miami Perfect for Mothers Day

sushi rolls by the sea

Sushi Rolls at Beach Bart at Newport Pier pic by Harold Rosario

Most Scenic Restaurant in Miami Perfect for Mothers Day

We found the perfect restaurant to take your mom out for MOther’s Day. It has what I thin is the most scenic view out of all restaurants  in the Miami area. Its called Beach Bar at Newport Pier. Call 5 minutes ahead of arrival to get a seaside seating on the pier. When we went the weather was perfect. South easterly winds made the waters calm and transparent. The menu for non-seafood eaters at Beach Bar is limited but seafood choices are plentiful . Since I’m allergic to seafood it is imperative to have my meal cooked on a separate pan and or grill. The staff is always more than pleased to accommodate my needs.


The scenic Beach Bart at Newport restaurant in Miami epic by Harold Rosario

We took my mother in law for a late lunch and she loved it. “Its like going on a mini vacation” were her words. Trust me, go at noon or mid after noon, this is the time the waters are a brilliant turquoise and picture opportunities are optimum. One last thing. If parking is scarce, park at the Newport Hotel next door. Its $10 if you spend at least $50 at eh restaurant. Check out the video of our experience at Beach Bar at Newport Beach. Press play below.

80D8C7BC-FE1F-4315-8724-0B824550429D 7982122C-9C0C-4B68-ABF8-8DA41C4EA8FE 70246B34-D9FD-489E-82C0-B3AFA1409BA4 F6B4B635-9CDA-4B1B-809E-245851F8453E IMG_2136


Photos of the Frost Science Museum (Social Night at the Frost)


Photos of the Frost Science Museum (Social Night at the Frost)

Tuesday  we had a great time at  the new Frost Science Museum which hosted its first social event by invitation only and sponsored by the Miami Downtown and Development Authority. Our first experience and what came to be the highlight of the night was the planetarium’s 4D experience. It took us on a virtual tour of our galaxy. We flew through space, pass our neighboring planets to then finally pierce the earth’s atmosphere. As we made our approach to the city of Miami the crowd cheered with pride. I am getting goose bumps as I write this, for that moment was quite dramatic. Unfortunately the audience was left with a taste for more. A sneak peak of the 4-d 8k visual display was all we were going to get.

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Photos from The New Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum Opening Gala (Pics of Red Carpet Event)


Joel P. Frost at Opening Night pic by Harold Rosario

The New Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum Opens (Pics of Red Carpet Event)

Yesterday May 6, we had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum in Miami. Everyone was enthusiastic and eager to see the finished museum once and for all. One could feel the pride with in the staff as they greeted you with an open welcome smile and all to ready to answer your needs Here are some pics we took during the Red Carpet portion of the night. More pics of the interior to come soon.

The Frost Science Museum officially opens to the public Monday May 8th. Press here for tickets and details!

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Groupon Deal Of the Month – Taste Buds of India

Lamb Korma at Taste Buds of India Coral Gables pic by Harold Rosario

Lamb Korma at Taste Buds of India Coral Gables pic by Harold Rosario

Groupon Deal Of the Month – Taste Buds of India

What better way to try out the new Sony A6500 mirrorless camera than with some beautiful and colorful cuisine. This month we recommend you guys to try the new Taste Buds of India location in Coral Gables. Groupon is running a great deal which comes out to pretty much 40% of the bill. Located right on Ponce de Leon boulevard, the new location is more inviting than the others, yet its intimate small pleasant environment. As artists we love the presentation of the food and we think you guys will appreciate it too.

What to order

  1. We recommend you try the Lamb or Chicken Korma. Its savory some what stew with cream semi sweet sauce.
  2. Our second recommendation is the Chicken Tikka Masala. Almost like an Italian dish with an Indian twist. If you love Italian food the sauce in this tomato based dish will have you liking your fingers. Which leads me to our third recommendation, butter naan.
  3. Indian tradition uses flat bread as a sort of eatable utensil to eat food with your hands. Order the butter naan and don’t be shy to tear a small piece of naan to scoop up the main course and transport the flavors to your… well… taste buds. Ha ha. Enjoy the picture below taken with the Sony a6500 and 35mm 1.8 lens
  4. *As always, all opinions are my own. We were NOT payed in any way for the mentions of any product or services in the post.

    Chicken Tikka Masala at Taste Buds of India

    Chicken Tikka Masala at Taste Buds of India

Something New this Cinco de Mayo – City Place Doral – May 5th

cinco de mayo Miami 2017Something New For Cinco de Mayo – City Place Doral

This Cinco de Mayo try a new place to celebrate, like the brand new City Place Doral. Its a real cool hang out spot. We had the pleasure to go on its opening and were very impressed, It has a great out door ambiance with bars, restaurants and music for you and family to enjoy. The center piece of the mix-use shopping area is a Vegas style fountain that is synchronized to music and lighting creating a crowd of amazed unlookers.

This Cinco de Mayo they are hosting a bash! DJ Laz, DJ Legato and DJ Kate Lane from Hits 97.3 will be in attendance. Hope to see you there.



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